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Financial security is something many of us strive to achieve in our lives. You try to do what's right for those you care about, but the wrong financial decision can often undermine the best of intentions. Whether you are concerned for your own financial needs or those of your family or your business, I can help you identify your goals and dreams and develop a plan that addresses these needs and gets you started on the path to financial security.

Financial Philosophy

Modern portfolio theory is based on the notion of having a diversified portfolio allowing for investors to not try to time the market as heavily, as their assets would be across a large number of sectors creating more probability of growth. This theory is centered around reducing risk and is optimal for those who have a lower risk tolerance as it sacrifices earnings potential for smaller consistent growth. Such portfolios are diversified based on the investors risk tolerance and are invested into a combination of both Bonds and Stocks, where the stocks held are placed in diversified positions of large-cap stocks, mid-cap stocks, small-cap stocks, emerging markets stocks, gold ETFs, the list is endless based on what the investor wishes to place their portfolio. A sample portfolio, we recommended at my previous firm, was to have your Portfolio in an 80/20 Stocks to Bonds ratio which guaranteed growth in the portfolio through bonds allowing for the portfolio at a minimum to compensate for a cost of living adjustment.  Then in the 80 percent of the portfolio, we placed the assets into 35 percent large-cap stocks, 20 percent in mid-cap stocks, 15 percent small-cap stocks, 10 percent in emerging market stocks, 10 percent in foreign stocks, and 5 percent in energy stocks, and gold EFTs. Thus allowing the portfolio to retain the potential for large growth while reducing the risk of the investments through the guaranteed nature of bonds and the diversification of stock held assets. 

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