Jason David Tanz

I am a Senior at Oregon State University, as of June 2019, I will receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematical Economics and a minor in Business Administration from Oregon State University.

After my four year stint at the University, my course work had provided me with a background in functional teamwork, computer proficiency, and website design. In addition, I have obtained the skills necessary to research and analyze economies and business operations. This is demonstrated in my undergraduate thesis paper developed during my senior research class created an economic theory on college education and its effects on NBA players future salary earnings, which can be found under the Academic Papers tab of the site. 

During my time as a student, I worked as a sports program official for intramural (IM) basketball and soccer, as well as started a resale business for men's clothing. In addition, I interned with an online travel and entrepreneurship company, www.halftheclothes.com where I authored articles, researched products, created web pages, deloped videos on Adobe premier pro, and established affiliate partnership with vendors.

Through work inside and out of the classroom, I have developed skills in teamwork, problem-solving, organization, in addition, to an understanding of mathematical economic research, analysis, and sustainable business administration.

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Jason D. Tanz, 2019

Additional Information

For more information about me, check out my resume or academic projects and professional experience.